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Mail management System

It allows assigning emails to users or projects to keep track of email communication in regards to a customer, lead, project, etc. The system will track communication between the customers. Also can forward email to next level authority and track the same. Depending on the configuration the email will be either automatically assigned to user.

Complaints received to federal bank though emails in the provided mail ids will be fetched from the federal bank mail server and will be counted as a new ticket.

1.This ticket will be assigned automatically to an officer in the corresponding division and an acknowledgment will be send to the customer with the ticket number for follow up.

2.Updates for each complaint should be time stamped.

3.Manage documents with each ticket.

4.The customer service executive will do the process in corresponding ticket such as forwardable to each section for entering their comments, Respond to Customer, Close Ticket.

5.Ticket Status and Life Cycle

6.When a ticket closed,should be accompanied by sending an SMS / email / Printed Letter (as chosen by the user) informing the customer that the ticket is closed.

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